MW Malattodolls Yves Saint Laurent, JW


Show Date Class Qualification Judge
Valencia (ES)  22/10/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.2 G. Grob
Valencia (ES) 22/10/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1 V. Isakov
Vienna (AU) World Show 29-30/10/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1, BIV, Nom V. Saarela
Braga (PT) 05/11/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1, BIV, Nom J. Jyrkinen
Braga (PT) 06/11/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.2 B. Busse
Madrid (ES) 03/12/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1, BIV, Nom S. Hamalainen
Madrid (ES) 04/12/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1, Nom G. Fraga
Burdeos (FR) 28/01/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS J. Monney
Burdeos (FR) 29/01/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS I. Maillard Chiavuzzo
Lisboa (PT) 04/02/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1, BIV, Nom D. Mastrangelo
Lisboa (PT) 05/02/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1, BIV, Nom D. Kaae
Cluny (FR) 11/02/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1, BIV, Nom I. Maillard Chiavuzzo
Cluny (FR) 12/02/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1, BIV, Nom V. Isakov
Valladolid (ES)
Mediterranean Winner
25-26/02/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS
MW 17
M. Ottino
Menton (FR) 11/03/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1, BIV, Nom S. Bruin
Menton (FR) 12/03/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS L. Fanelli
Bucarest (RO) 01/04/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1, Nom,BIS,BIC,BOB 1 T. Friskovec
Bucarest (RO) 02/04/2017 7/10 (11) Ex.1, Nom,BIS,BIC, BOB2 B. Lupan
Aveiro (PT) 30/09/2017 CAC (9) CAC, BIV B. Busse
Aveiro (PT) 01/10/2017 CAC (9) CAC, BIV
Alcañiz (ES) 21/10/2017 CAC (9) CAC, BIV, Nom,BIS A. Wilczek
Alcañiz (ES) 22/10/2017 CACIB (7) CACIB, BIV, Nom,BIS H. Hornell
Nimes (FR) 10/03/2018 CACIB (7) CACIB T. Friskovec
Nimes (FR) 11/03/2018 CACIB (7) CACIB A.G. Edstrom
Ponte de Lima (PT) 14/04/2018 CAGCIB (7) CAGCIB, Nom M. Fonsen
Ponte de Lima (PT) 14/04/2018 CAGCIB (7) CAGCIB, Nom M. Skotarczyk
Avila (ES) 20/10/2018 CAGCIB (7) CAGCIB D. Mastrangelo
Avila (ES) 21/10/2018 CAGCIB (7) CAGCIB, Nom H. Hornell
Valladolid (ES) 23/02/2019 CAGCIB (7) CAGCIB R. Lubrano
Avila (ES) 19/10/2019 CAGCIB (7) CAGCIB A. Wilczek
Avila (ES) 20/10/2019 CAGCIB (7) CAGCIB L. Comorio

Ragdoll Seal Bicolor (RAG n 03)

Yves is our second choice for staying with us. It was an easy choice thanks to a person who could see all her potencial from the beginning and from the first time, we knew she was going to surprise us and gave us a lot of happiness. Her name was by chance because Yves Saint Laurent is a great artist but he is a man and Yves is a female!
The first surprise was in World Show Fife in Vienna in 2016, when she got Best in Variety Seal Bicolor (BIV) and was nominated at Judge Mr. Veikko Sarela table. She was the best kitten 4/7 months from Cattegoy I.
The second surprise and the most exciting in our cat-lifes was when she got the title MEDITERRANEAN WINNER 2017 in Valladolid. It was so incredible and the best moment in a cat show ever!

After that, Yves got Junnior Winner and we added another tittle to her promising career. We hope she continues it with more success.

Date of birth
June 22, 2016

months 22/06/2016

Fiv, Felv negative
Pkd (ADN) negative
HCM (ADN) negative
Blood Group: A