Malattodolls Ragdoll

We are a small Ragdoll cattery in Avila close to Gredos Mountains.

Our cats are part of the family and they live with us every moment. They are real Ragdoll, with original pedigree. Pedigree is the only document which guarantees an authentic Ragdoll.

In our website you can find the way we do things, information about our cats, shows, tests for our adult cats, our current litters and previous ones, pictures of our kittens, tittles…

All our cats are from modern lines and they come from USA, the original country of Ragdoll breed. All our adult cats are tested with negative results for genetic (HCM, PKD) and infectious (FelV, FIV)diseases , with a two-year guarantee.

If you need to ask us something, let us know your questions and If you are interested in our kittens consult our conditions.

Thanks for visit our website!

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