Our conditions

Malattodolls Ragdoll

Our purchase conditions are:

  • Our kittens leaves us at approximately 14 weeks old, when they are completly socialised, when they eat properly and use the litter tray and the scratch tree…
  • Healthy certifícate against genetic diseases
  • Original pedigree, a very important point which show an authentic Ragdoll
  • All the required vaccines for their age and health.
  • Treatment for internal and external parasites.
  • Microchip ISO, very important in case of lost or robbery.
  • European Passport, the only formal way to control the vaccines, identification and used to travel abroad.
  • Pet box quality.
  • Kit for kittens Royal Canin.
  • Ragdoll Manual.

We are against the cages
We are against declawing and any amputation.
All our cats are neutered before leaving our house.
We don´t send cats by transport agency or air cargo.

If you need to ask us something, let us know your questions.