Juliannedolls Ricci of Malattodolls

Show Date Class Qualification Judge
Lisboa (PT) 30/01/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1, Nom M. Fonsen
Lisboa (PT) 31/01/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1 V. Isakov
Valladolid (ES) 27/02/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1,BIV, Nom S. Bruin
Valladolid (ES) 28/02/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1, Nom M. Ottino
Ponte de Lima (PT) 12/03/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1, Nom B. Busse
Ponte de Lima (PT) 13/03/2016 4/7 (12) Ex.1

Ragdoll Seal Bicolor (RAG n 03)

Ricci comes from Russia, from cattery JulianneDolls of Julia Strang. It took so long to choose between Ricci and Chloe and like we couldn´t take a decisión, at last both of them came to our house.
Both sisters are daughters of cats from USA, Blossom and Soulmates
Ricci is a seal bicolor female, with very big and strong size, and a beautiful colour contrast. Her head is beautiful and the body is strong and powerful. The eye color is beautiful too.
We hope she gives us so much happiness, as her sister.

Thanks Julia

Date of birth
August 25, 2015

months 25/08/2015

Fiv, Felv negative
Pkd (ADN) negative
HCM (ADN) negative
Blood Group: A