SC & GIP NW 14 Ragville Prada of Malattodolls, JW DSM DVM

Show Date Class Qualification Judge
Oporto (PT)  18/01/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS D. Mastrangelo
Oporto (PT) 19/01/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1 E. Reijers
Burdeos(FR) 25/01/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1 I. Maillard Chiavuzzo
Burdeos(FR) 26/01/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1 A. Nissen
Lisboa (PT) 01/02/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.2 K. Rautio
Lisboa (PT) 02/02/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.2 Y. Roca-Folch
La Chaux de Fonds (FR) 22/02/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS M. Westerlund
La Chaux de Fonds (FR) 23/02/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS G. Fraga
Tienen (BE) 01/03/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1,Nom,BIS W. Sattler
Tienen (BE) 02/03/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1,Nom,BIS K. Preiss
Madrid-Ifema (ES) 24/05/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS F. Brambilla
Madrid-Ifema (ES) 24/05/2014 4/7 (12) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS D. Tarabini
Aveiro (PT) 06/09/2014 CAC (9) CAC G. Mantovani
Aveiro (PT) 07/09/2014 CAC (9) CAC R. Saetre
Valencia (ES) 13/09/2014 CAC (9) CAC E. Reijers
Valencia (ES) 14/09/2014 CACIB (7) CACIB K. Mahelkoá
Braga (PT) 08/11/2014 CACIB (7) CACIB, Nom, BIS D. Filler
Braga (PT) 09/11/2014 CACIB (7) CACIB,Nom G. Fraga
Santarem (PT) 29/11/2014 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB, BIV, Nom,BIS P. Nyman
Santarem (PT) 30/11/2014 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB, Nom D. Mastrangelo
Madrid (ES) 06/12/2014 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB, Nom, BIS V. Saarela
Madrid (ES) 07/12/2014 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB A. Paloluoma
Oporto (PT) 17/01/2015 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB, Nom, BIS F. Calmes
Oporto (PT) 17/01/2015 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB S. Hamalainen
Lisboa (PT) 31/01/2015 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB, BIV, Nom,BIS J. Redondo
Lisboa (PT) 01/02/2015 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB, Nom,BIS I. Pruchniak
Lisboa (PT) 11/04/2015 NATIONAL WINNER 2014 Y. Roca-Folch
Braga (PT) 07/11/2015 CACS (3) CACS T. Friskovec
Braga (PT) 08/11/2015 CACS (3) CACS, Nom Y. Roca-Folch
Teste de Buch (FR) 14/11/2015 CACS (3) CACS,BIV, Nom, BIS R. Lubrano
Teste de Buch (FR) 15/11/2015 CACS (3) CACS,BIV, Nom M. Ottino
Santarem (PT) 05/12/2015 CACS (3) CACS,BIV, Nom, BIS J. Pillonel
Santarem (PT) 06/12/2015 CACS (3) CACS,BIV, Nom, BIS J. Redondo
Burdeos (FR) 23/01/2016 CACS (3) CACS,BIV, Nom, BIS, BOB Special RAG, BOB Total Show M. Kudra
Burdeos (FR) 24/01/2016 CACS (3) CACS, Nom, BIS M. Ottino
Lisboa (PT) 30/01/2016 CACS (3) CACS, Nom, BIS V. Isakov
Avila (ES) 20/10/2018 CAP (10) CAP, Nom M. Sanda
Avila (ES) 21/10/2018 CAP (10) CAP, Nom M. Ottino
Braga (PT) 10/11/2018 CAP (10) CAP, Nom, BIS J. Pillonel
Braga (PT) 11/11/2018 CAPIB (8) CAPIB, Nom, BIS M. Skotarzyk
Santarem (PT) 01/12/2018 CAPIB (8) CAPIB W. Sattler
Santarem (PT) 02/12/2018 CAPIB (8) CAPIB C. Spijker
Lisboa (PT) 02/02/2019 CAGPIB (6) CAGPIB M. Fonsen
Lisboa (PT) 03/02/2019 CAGPIB (6) CAGPIB M.Krogh
Valladolid (ES) 23/02/2019 CAGPIB (6) CAGPIB J. Fernandez
Valladolid (ES) 24/02/2019 CAGPIB (6) CAGPIB R. Lubrano

Ragdoll Blue Bicolor (RAG a 03)

Prada comes from Ragville in Austria, a cattery with big cats from USA and with great results in shows. Prada´s father, Regency Rags Gaspard,  is RW and Suprem Grand Champion TICA and her mother is RW Darlinlildolls Golden Penny.

We hope a lot success from Prada, who caught our hearts when she arrived to our home because of her extraordinary qualities, her temper and the love she gives us.

Prada has one attractive profile and very strong chin, and she is amazing lovely female.

Thanks to Renata for this Jewel Ragdoll.

Date of birth
September 5, 2013

months 05/09/2013

Fiv, Felv negative
Pkd (ADN) negative
HCM (ADN) negative
Blood Group: A