RW QGC SC Furreal Chanel of Malattodolls,DVM




Show Date Class Qualification Judge
Pozuelo (ES)  05/12/2009 6/10 (11) Ex.1 M. Koot
Pozuelo (ES) 06/12/2009 6/10 (11) Ex.1,Nom M. Klein
Padova (IT) 09/01/2010 6/10 (11) Ex.1,BIV, Nom M. Ottino
Padova (IT) 10/01/2010 6/10 (11) Ex.1,BIV, Nom M. Kriz
Burdeos(FR) 30/01/2010 6/10 (11) Ex.1 L. Burani
Burdeos(FR) 31/01/2010 6/10 (11) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS L. Anciau
Napoles(IT) 06/02/2010 6/10 (11) Ex.1, Nom L. Comorio
Napoles(IT) 07/02/2010 6/10 (11) Ex.1 M. Klein
Cannes (FR) 13/02/2010 6/10 (11) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS S. Bernard
Cannes (FR) 14/02/2010 6/10 (11) Ex.1,BIV, Nom,BIS L. Anciau
Viseu (PT) 10/04/2010 CAC (9) CAC, Nom R. Lubrano
Viseu (PT) 11/04/2010 CAC (9) CAC M. Kabina
Arruda dos Vinhos (PT) 19/03/2011 CAC (9) CAC K. C. Gulsset
Arruda dos Vinhos (PT) 20/03/2011 CACIB (7) CACIB, Nom,BIS F. Brambilla
Viseu (PT) 16/04/2011 CACIB (7) CACIB H. Gunter Scholer
Parla (ES) 24/12/2012 CACIB (7) CACIB D. Mastrangelo
Parla (ES) 25/12/2012 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB A. Kneiffel
Aveiro (PT) 08/09/2012 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB,Nom M. Fonsen
Aveiro (PT) 09/09/2012 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB, Nom,BIS M. Krog
Valencia (ES) 15/09/2012 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB W. Sattler
Valencia (ES) 16/09/2012 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB K. C. Gulsett
León (ES) 13/10/2012 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB, Nom C. Hierro
León (ES) 14/10/2012 CAGCIB (5) CAGCIB, Nom, BIS M. Rihová
Teste de Buch (FR) 03/11/2012 CACS (3) CACS, Nom, BIS, BOB L. Burani
Teste de Buch (FR) 04/11/2012 CACS (3) CACS, Nom, BIS, BOB J. Rudolph
Burdeos (FR) 26/01/2013 CACS (3) CACS, BIV, Nom, BIS, BOB Cat II, BOB Total F. Milcent
Burdeos (FR) 27/01/2013 CACS (3) CACS, BIV, Nom A. Romero
Lisboa (PT) 09/02/2013 CACS (3) CACS, Nom, BIS M. Kabina
Lisboa (PT) 10/02/2013 CACS (3) CACS, Nom, BIS F. Milcent
Valladolid (ES) 23/02/2013 CACS (3) CACS, BIV C. Hierro
Valladolid (ES) 24/02/2013 CACS (3) CACS J. E. Madsen
Bizanos (FR) 20/04/2013 CACS (3) CACS, BIV S. Henry
Bizanos (FR) 21/04/2013 PH (1) PH, BIV R. Voehringer
Tavira (PT) 27/04/2013 PH (1) PH, Nom E. Reijers
Tavira (PT) 28/04/2013 PH (1) PH M. Krogh
Burdeos (FR) 25/01/2014 PH (1) PH A. Niessen
Burdeos (FR) 26/01/2014 PH (1) PH I. Maillard Chiavuzzo
Oporto (PT) 17/01/2015 PH (1) PH F. Calmes
Oporto (PT) 18/01/2015 PH (1) PH L. Coste
Lisboa (PT) 31/01/2015 PH (1) PH C. Sahlber
Lisboa (PT) 01/02/2015 PH (1) PH, Nom J. Redondo

Ragdoll Seal Bicolor (RAG n 03)

Chanel is a beautiful female with big size and excellent eye color.
She comes from USA, from Furreal Cattery, the same than Suave.
Chanel is daughter of IW SGC Furreal Zapata, best Ragdoll in Adults 97/98 and Super cat in kittens 97/98We hope Chanel gives us a champion as her father.

Thank so much Mary and Cliff. You are the best!

Mother of Litters F, H, P, R, V, Y, Z, B2

Date of birth
April 15, 2009

months 15/04/2009

Fiv, Felv negative
Pkd (ADN) negative
HCM (ADN) negative
Blood Group: A