Willowtreerags Coco Chanel

Show Date Class Qualification Judge
Oporto (PT) 13/01/2018  4/7 (12)  Ex1 G. Mantovani
 Oporto (PT)  14/01/2018 4/7 (12)  Ex1 T. Friskovec
 Lisboa (PT)
Mediterranean Winner
3-4/Febrero/2018 4/7 (12) Ex1, Nom M Krogh
 Sartrouville (FR) 24/02/2018 7/10 (11)  Ex1 P. De Guerny Ventura
  Sartrouville (FR)  25/02/2018 7/10 (11)  Ex1  B. Wikstrom
Ponte de Lima (PT) 14/04/2018 7/10 (11) Ex1 M. Fonsen
Ponte de Lima (PT) 14/04/2018 7/10 (11) Ex1 M. Skotarczyk

Ragdoll Seal Tortie Mitted (RAG f 04)

Coco is a beautiful tortie seal mitted female with a special colour design on her face. She comes from WillowtreeRags, in Florida, USA.
When her owner Mable Roberts showed us her first pictures, we fell in live with her and we knew she had to come with us.
She is our first tortie Ragdoll.

Thanks thanks to Mable for this amazing girl!

Mother of Litter D2

Date of birth
July 19, 2017

months 19/07/2017

Fiv, Felv negative
Pkd (ADN) parents negative
HCM (ADN) parents negative
Blood Group : Pending